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About Us

Who We Are

The Fear Not Company – bringing you the best in self defense and security products. 


 We started The Fear Not Company in Jan  2011. We are a Veteran Owned, Web Site Based,

 Small Business from Port Orchard, WA.

 The purpose of this company along with our fantastic Partners is to offer Education, Resources, Quality Services and Products to help Families, Businesses and Individuals Live Safer, Healthier and get Better Emergency Prepared. We do this via two Web Sites.

 (1). Our Main Site with all the Products & Services we offer at www.fearnotco.com

 (2). This site, our Safety & Self Protection Site www.safefamilylife.com

We hope you’ll find your visit here enjoyable, do some shopping and share us with your friends. 

At The Fear Not Company, Nothing is more important than the Safety of you and your loved ones. 

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