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Diversion Safes

What is a Diversion Safe?

A diversion safe is a type of security device designed to conceal and safeguard items, such as cash or valuables. Diversion safes are typically made to resemble everyday household items, such as soda cans, books, cleaning supplies, etc. The idea behind these safes is that if a thief were to break into your home, they would be unlikely to search through every canister and book on the shelves for hidden valuables. This makes diversion safes an effective security measure to protect your valuables.

What is the difference between diversion safes and hidden safes?

The main difference between diversion safes and hidden safes is in the way they are designed and used. Diversion safes are designed to look like everyday household items, such as soda cans, books, cleaning supplies, making it less likely that a thief would find them by searching through your home. On the other hand, hidden safes are typically built into walls or furniture and can be difficult to spot if one doesn’t know where to look. Hidden safes typically also require professional installation and setup making them much more expensive then Diversion safes.

What to look for when getting a diversion safe?

When shopping for a diversion safe, there are a few key factors to consider. The first is the size of the safe; make sure it is large enough to store whatever you intend to secure inside without being overly bulky or obvious. Additionally, look for safes with durable construction and that blend in well with your home’s decor. Finally, consider the location where you will keep the safe and make sure it is not in a spot where it stands out that could easily be spotted by a thief.

Laws pertaining to diversion safes?

In some countries, there may be laws pertaining to the use of diversion safes. For example, in the United States it is illegal to use a diversion safe in such a way that it conceals or disguises the contents of an item with the intent to deceive law enforcement officers. Additionally, if you intend to carry a diversion safe on your person while travelling by air in the US, you must declare it during check-in at the airport and follow all TSA guidelines. It is important to keep these laws in mind before investing in or carrying a diversion safe as failure to do so could result in fines or other penalties.

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