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Home Alarms

What are Home Alarms?

Home alarms are security systems designed to protect your home and family from intruders. They work by sounding an alarm when a door or window is opened, or when motion is detected inside the house. There are a variety of home alarms available on the market, ranging from door alarms to window alarms, and even alarm locks. Home alarms can also be used in conjunction with dummy cameras or hidden cameras to have the best chance of deterring a criminal.

What are key features of Home Alarms?

* Motion sensors: These detect movement within the home and are usually installed in high-traffic areas such as hallways or living rooms. When motion is detected, they send an alert to the homeowner and/or monitoring service.

* Door/Window Sensors: these are devices that detect when a door or window has been opened, sending an alert if the alarm is armed.

* Alarm Lock: This is a lock that can be used for some peace of mind. If it is removed without the key or tampered with a loud  100dB alarm.

* Dog Alarms: Most home alarms come with a siren option, but the dog alarms are unique in that the real sounding dog barks to deter criminals.

What’s the installation process like?

Installation of home alarms is relatively straightforward and simple. The first step will be to decide where you want the alarm system to be installed. This could be in the entryway, living area or any other vulnerable points in your home. Once the location has been decided, it’s time to install the sensors. Most of the home alarms can be placed or mounted within a few minutes.

What are the laws and legalities of Home Alarms?

When it comes to laws and legalities of home alarms, it is important to understand the local regulations that may be in place. In most jurisdictions, there are laws against false alarms, meaning alarms that sound without a valid reason. Additionally, some areas may have restrictions on the type of alarm system that can be used and how loud they can sound. It is always important to check with local authorities before installing a home alarm.

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